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The SprinklerVac Vacuum Attachment Design

When our founder set out to create a simple vacuum attachment that could safely clean old and new style fire sprinkler heads in homes, businesses and construction sites, his top concerns were ease of use and compliance with NFPA and state fire code guidelines. Sized to fit all market standard home and industrial vacuum cleaners, the SprinklerVac attaches to the vacuum’s hose and is held in place by the operator. The clear cup is designed in a V-shape to “whirl away” dust and cobwebs. Our design is 100% compliant with NFPA fire safety guidelines. Click here to order the SprinklerVac today!

How Does a Sprinkler Head Cleaner Work?

Other sprinkler head cleaning methods, like using canned compressed air to knock buildup off of the head, can cause the colored bulb inside the sprinkler head to burst and send water out of the sprinkler. The propellant used in compressed air cans can also stick to the sprinkler head, encouraging more buildup. Because the SprinklerVac is completely touchless, there’s no danger of disturbing the internal bulb. It’s the safest and cheapest way to clean sprinkler heads, and anyone can do it!