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SprinklerVac: Clean Your Dirty Fire Sprinkler Heads Touchlessly

Invented by a retired veteran with 19 years of experience in occupational safety and health, the patented SprinklerVac is the only vacuum attachment available today that can safely clean a loaded fire sprinkler head without disturbing the delicate bulb inside. It not only fits the older sprinkler heads with the longer escutcheons but also the newer, low profile sprinkler heads. This touchless operation guarantees compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines related to the sprinkler systems that are commonly found in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and business offices.

For years, building managers have wondered how to clean a fire sprinkler head without endangering the equipment or having to shut down fire safety systems while the sprinklers are replaced. The SprinklerVac offers a simple solution at a very low cost. The extremely easy to use, compact design means the SprinklerVac is perfect for facility managers or anyone with a vacuum cleaner! Read more about our innovative product and order today for an incredibly simple way to improve the cleanliness and safety of your business. To contact us, email or phone (530) 300-5478.

SprinklerVac Vacuum Attachment
SprinklerVac Vacuum Attachment
Our Price: $79.95

Clean your loaded fire sprinkler heads touchlessly with the first-of-its-kind, NFPA-compliant SprinklerVac. Click to learn more and order today! more info